Our story began in early 2005 during a discussion of disbelief from my husband, Corey, that I, Elaina, had never been to the Hawaiian Islands. Never. Ever? Oh, you have to go! Let's book it. Right now. And we did! A few short months later, we took that long, 6 hour flight to Honolulu. From the moment I stepped off the plane I was overtaken by the wonderful aroma of sweet, fresh flowers from leis and the soft, comforting warm heat on my skin. The whole, entire relaxed and carefree vibe and energy of the place was just incredible! I turned to Corey and said, "I love it! I could live here!" ... He looked at me with his serious face and said, "Me too. Let's do it. Let's move here." :) And so it began. We visited as often as we could. The seed in our heart was planted and over the years rooted itself deeper and deeper until 10 years later in 2015, we decided it was finally time to make the big move. The full, detailed story will soon to be posted in our blog. Join us on our adventures into the unknown. This will truly be the story of Greens' Great Escape.

NEW! 40min of Yoga on the Wailea Beach + 20min of Pedal Boarding on the water. Space is limited! Email elaina@elainayoga.com to reserve your spot today. Hosted by www.walkonwatermaui.com. Aloha~